Safeguard against Network/Transport layer attacks

Our Multi CDN offers an optimum protection against a various number of attacks on layer 3 and 4 – Network and Transport layers. It gives your Websites and Applications a better protection than a regular CDN, being able to absorb larger attacks without impacting your performances – when a single CDN represents a single point of failure. Multi CDN have shown their abilities to deter massive DDoS attacks on layer 3/4.

Our security engine provides always-on and on-demand options for DDoS mitigation, to make sure your network remains 100% available while under attack. Each of our PoP is equipped with a routing and mitigation platform for high capacity packet filtering. We combine this technology with a patent-pending IP for DDoS auto-detection and auto-mitigation in order to provide you with one of the best network protection in the industry.

Safeguard against Application layer attacks

When it comes to attacks on the Application layer (layer 7), your Multi CDN needs a supplementary tool to efficiently protect your origin: a cloud-based Web Application Security Platform. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your application from attacks directed directly to your server logic: SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflow, hidden field manipulation, etc. A WAF analyses the requests and responses to analyse and identify malicious traffic originating from your website and proxied by the CDN. Its purpose it to block malicious actions that could endanger your origin.

Maintaining a top security level, along with high performances can be achieved by activating the WAF coming with our Multi CDN solution. Our WAF solution is easy to implement: our team of experts handles the configuration for you and give you the possibility to full control and customize your WAF through our intuitive dashboard.

Safeguard against malicious Bots

Malicious bots are more and more present across the web and became power in the last few years. They are used to perform various attacks against every business, no one is spared: Content Scraping, Credit Card Fraud, Comment SPAM, DDoS Attacks, etc. These attacks are intended to drain your application resources: dynamic web content, database resources, API endpoints, etc.

Thanks to our accurate bot detection techniques, our Secured Multi CDN platform is able to accurately filter bot activity to identify and block only bad bot activity and let Google, Facebook bots and others do their job. We use IP rate limiting, CAPTCHA protection,JavaScript Challenge, Human Interaction Challenge and Device Fingerprinting to protect your website/application.

Security Features

Our Multi CDN solution protects you from all kinds of attacks and provide you with:

  • Real-time monitoring of web applications;
  • Threat intelligence to identify new attack vectors;
  • Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Attack report(s);
  • Advanced bot mitigation;
  • Malicious bot counter-measures;
  • Multi-level challenge response;
  • Dedicated 24/7 x 365 SOC.
  • Fully OWASP10 compliant
  • Fully customizable WAF ruleset – no programming required