Secure storage

OptimiCDN is committed to ensuring a safe and private cloud storage. As our quality label, we guarantee the safety and privacy of any data you entrust us with.

Your information will be kept in our secured infrastructure and will only be accessible to you or designated individuals of your choice.

To ensure constant durability, reliability and accessibility, each data uploaded to your cloud will instantly be copied on 3 hard drives for safety purposes.

Our worldwide storage infrastructure is constantly monitored and updated with proven cutting edge security technology.

Highly scalable

By allowing clients to process dynamically scalable data, OptimiCDN will help you accelerate the expansion and maturation of your business.

From Megabytes to Petabytes of storage, OptimiCDN has the capacity and proficiency to meet any of your demands and requirements. The elasticity of our solution allows you to easily and instantly scale your storage space along with your business needs and performances.

By reducing the expenses associated to self-storage solutions, our cost-efficient service will allow you to optimize the allocation of resources and invest where it truly matters for your company.

No hidden costs

Our Cloud solution is based on the sincerity of the long-standing relationships that we have with you.

At OptimiCDN we believe that integrity starts with the clarity and transparency of contractual terms. A service that is tailor-made to suit your fluctuating needs is logically supplemented by custom-made bills. In other words, you only pay for the service that you use.

At the end of the month, there will be no surprise, no asterisk and no missed terms of sales. At OptimiCDN we are committed to providing efficient solutions and high-quality services at competitive and transparent prices.

Simple data access

OptimiCDN secures your data in a global network of high availability data centers guaranteeing the shortest and hence the most reliable and instantaneous access route to your files.

From anywhere, at anytime, you can securely gather your data. To further facilitate your operations we provide you with an easy and straightforward OptimiCDN dashboard.

This tool will allow you to directly and instantly manage all your resources as well as keep an eye on your current consumption and adapt it to your future needs.