1994 Traditional Hosting

Most often, website or web application content are stored and delivered from a centralized server in one location to end-users that can be located anywhere. This is what we call traditional hosting.

Traditional hosting works very well with limitation as it does not take in consideration unexpected needs and can not scale rapidly. In this sense, user acquisition is not favoured as page load time can drastically increase and user experience will immediately affected.

2004 What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (aka CDN) is composed of a set of servers located in data centres all around the world and hosts content websites such as images, videos and all static non-html content (css, js, etc).

Specific users localised in small geographical regions can then benefit of a fast content delivery, which can be an appropriate service for businesses solely having a single targeted region. However, once their user reach expands to other regions of the world, users will encounter slower page load time resulting in user retention decrease.

By having several points of presence (PoPs) all over the world, the content delivery speed is increased as the information is closer to the users therefore taking less time to reach the users.

However, it may be that, a particular CDN provider delivers excellent service in China but may not be as efficient in Europe, whereas another’s weakness may be China and strongpoint Europe. It is unlikely that a single CDN provider masters all regions.

2016 Our optimized Multi CDN

The aim of having a Multi CDN provider is to ensure a constant content delivery to users, anywhere and at anytime, even by unexpected traffic peaks.

Contrarily to a standard CDN, our Multi CDN service is able to guarantee a 100% uptime and quality of performance thanks to:

Our unified Multi CDN service powered by our CDN partners with global presence over 6 continents;
a leading and established automatic switchover engine, namely in the event a CDN provider suffers a downtime, traffic will be immediately and imperceptibly redirected to another CDN provider;
OptimiCDN is configured for you in such a way to reach each individual user in the fastest way. This means that wherever a user is, content will always be delivered to him by the fastest and closest CDN.
We tailor our simple and powerful Multi CDN solution to your delivery needs. Whether these are Advertising, Gaming, E-commerce, VOD… we ensure maximum performance globally, improve availability and reduce latency.

Equipped with the best technology, our service monitors outages, peering issues and service disruptions all the while load balancing your voluminous content to the optimum CDN.

Our Multi CDN optimizes the user experience without incurring outrageous additional costs by empowering and helping your existing infrastructure with load balancing and varnish caching features.