Your audience is growing

Both your customer base and your video library are growing fast, but your videos tend to buffer and your service is affected when too many viewers are using your service.

Many of your returning weekly viewers watch new episodes of their favorite TV shows or replay broadcasted TV programmes, but this new way of streaming video-on-demand often causes network saturation resulting in poor user experience with buffering and long start time.

The quality and popularity of the content will bring users to use your platform therefore it is important to offer a smooth VOD service relying on a scalable, robust and performing provider offering the best local and global user experience.

Enhanced video delivery

(Re)think your caching policy

The configuration of HTTP headers is too often neglected and misconfigured headers lead up to important speed loss.

We review together your overall caching logic to adapt it to your video encoding, the popularity of the video and the type of traffic asking for it (new, returning or premium users).

Bandwidth throttling and rate limiting

Many users do not watch the entire video this is why we often recommend to configure bandwidth throttling and rate limiting. Our VOD tailor-made solution adapts your video files to the network status and only delivers the data a user watches offering the best watching experience while saving data usage and reducing your overall content delivery service costs.

Multi CDN empowerment

Globally harmonized download speed

When you want to provide all your users with the same performances, contracting with one CDN provider is not enough: every CDN experiences performance and availability issues over time and location.

In order to bring harmonized download speed to VOD platforms, OptimiCDN integrated multiple CDN into an All-in-One tailor-made solution for video delivery.

Leveraging Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate user-centric indicator of performance, we are able to switch delivery between CDN to always serve your videos from the most performing CDN. Learn more

Unified content protection

VOD platforms are not immune to malicious attacks. To protect your content from leechers, our All-in-One multi CDN service comes with Hotlinking protection and with end-to-end SSL encryption adapted to most encoding technologies (HLS, MPEG DASH…).