Fast video ads display

You are working with publishers and advertisers with a global audience who need to monetize their traffic by displaying thousands of pre’, mid’ and post-roll videos every minute on websites and web applications.

Your videos must be displayed fast, without buffering time, otherwise you might lose the viewer’s attention, or they might leave the page without generating any action.

Despite these prerogatives, your servers can not keep up when a campaign generates too much traffic, or when your reach is global: response time is too high often resulting in video buffering.

Flawless video delivery

Choose the best CDN

Did you know that, depending on the time of the day and your users location, response time and availability will vary from 1 to 10? Our solution dynamically selects the CDN with the best performances.

Bandwidth throttling

We adapt your bandwidth in real time to maintain the same level of performances and speed up your videos no matter the size of your traffic. Moreover, through bandwidth throttling and rate limiting, we are able to deliver only the data asked by the requester: the entire video will not be downloaded if a user quits unexpectedly.

Multi CDN Empowerment

Globally harmonized performances

Availability and response time vary according to the traffic of your CDN provider and the location of the end user: it is impossible to benefit from harmonized performances when contracting with only one CDN.

Smart and dynamic routing

To harmonize performances during large scale international campaign, OptimiCDN built a unique network powered by multiple CDN. We use Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate user-centric indicator of performances, to switch between CDN providers in real time and deliver your video ads from the most performing CDN, for a faster and buffer-free delivery. Learn more