Global reach

Your customers are located across 5 continents and you strive to maintain a high reputation, both globally and locally, but your website’s performances do not reflect this effort.

You want to reach local customers with equal performances, especially in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, Russia… but it is hard to find the right service and solution partner for every market.

Your audience has globalized and expects your website and your web applications to launch in no time wherever they are and on all type of devices (tablet, smartphone or desktop).

Enhanced web experience

Optimize your overall web performances

Header configuration is too often neglected although non-optimized headers can cause important speed loss.

We review together your caching logic according to the type of content (videos, 3D texture, images, css/js…), the popularity of the content and the type of traffic. Moreover, we help you implement transfer compression and media optimization to boost your local and global delivery performances.

Harmonize your performances

Bring equal performances to every customer around the world with our All-in-One service which dynamically chooses the best CDN provider in our network according to your user’s location and device resulting in the best performances everywhere and at any time.

Multi CDN empowerment

Optimal performances

When you want to deliver your content to your customers with optimal performances, you can not rely on one CDN provider as its performances will vary depending on the time of the day, the requester’s location and its points of presence.

To maintain optimal performances across the world, OptimiCDN integrated multiple CDN providers into an All-in-One service: we use Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate user-centric indicator of performances, to dynamically pilot the most performing CDN according to the requester’s location. We thus provide optimal performances globally and locally. Learn more

Security protection

DDoS attacks frequently hit global players. One of the best practice to filter such attacks is to protect your origin server with a CDN: a multi CDN improves this protection level so that attacks will have very limited impact on you business.

Moreover, OptimiCDN offers optional end-to-end SSL encryption, to protect you and your users from man-in-the-middle attacks.