Your business is growing

Your portals or games are growing and becoming more and more captivating. When you add new levels or games, come up with new patches or release updates, or developed a potential blockbuster, you need a scalable and performing service capable to engage and retain your players as your business could suffer of traffic peaks. Retention is key to your activity: the gaming experience you offer is supposed to be stainless, absolutely fluid and memorable. Slow downloads and latency issues will ruin the fun.

An enhanced gaming experience

(Re)think your caching policy…

Header logic is often misunderstood and neglected although non-optimized headers induce huge speed loss.

We review your caching logic together to make sure it fits the type of content (videos, 3D texture, images, css/js…), the popularity of the content, the type of traffic (new users, frequently returning fans, VIPs…) and specific game needs such as dynamic content caching, security features…

…and boost your gaming performances

Such optimizations allow our infrastructure to deploy its full capacity, boosting your download speed and giving your users buffer free experiences. User activation will be quicker than ever and retention rates will rise.

Multi CDN empowerment

Harmonized performances for all users

If you want to offer equal performances to your users, a single CDN provider won’t be enough: every CDN shows performance issues over time and location.

To optimize download speed and latency, OptimiCDN integrated multiple CDN into a unique network where routing decisions are based on Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate user-centric indicator of performances. Learn more…

Origin shielding

DDoS attacks are frequent in the gaming industry, whether initiated by vengeful players or extortionists. Protecting your origin with a CDN is one of the best practice to deter DDoS attack: a multi CDN improves this feature so that the largest attacks won’t have any impact on User Experience.