Your shop is growing

Your client base is increasing and you constantly add new products to your shop, but your conversion rate does not keep up. Acquisition works fine but your bounce rate is still too high, the number of page views and the average shopping basket is stable or decreases because your global page load time is too slow.

The shopping experience on a website or a web application is supposed to be fast and smooth, otherwise a majority of users abandon their shopping basket or delay the shopping operation. When it comes to shopping, customer’s expectations in terms of performances can be hard to meet, especially during sales and promotion campaigns when the traffic is high.

You can not afford to lose any of your customers because of poor web performances: you want them to be satisfied and eager to come back shopping in your online store.

Enhanced User Experience

(Re)think your caching policy

Header logic is too often neglected although when correctly set, it gives a real boost to a website or web application performances. We optimize with you the overall header logic, assuring that popular content is always cached on edge servers and delivered fast, no matter the traffic.

Optimize your assets

Most websites do not use compression during transfer and forget to optimize their medias although huge amount of data can be saved without loosing any quality. Non-compressed assets take more time to load and generate more bandwidth usage resulting in increased costs.

Stay ahead of the curve

Because sales and promotion campaigns bring an irregular amount of customers, we set you up to face any traffic peak. Our Multi CDN solution prevents network slow-down and service failures: you will never miss a sale.

Multi CDN empowerment

Globally harmonized shopping experience

Offering the same quality of navigation to all your customers, across regions or countries, is a real challenge. All CDN providers experience variation in performances according to the requester location and time of the day. A single CDN is not enough to guarantee regional and global optimized web performances.

To harmonize download speed and latency across territories, OptimiCDN federated multiple CDN into a single network where routing decisions are based on Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate user-centric indicator of performances. Learn more

High protection level

Because customers pay on the website, E-commerce businesses are frequently subject to DDoS and man-in-the-middle attacks. Protecting your origin with a CDN is one of the best practice to deter DDoS attacks: a multi CDN improves the level of security and reduces the impact of attacks.

In addition, we can implement end-to-end SSL encryption with our multi CDN solution to protect your customers from man-in-the-middle attacks when navigating and paying on your website. Therefore, your website and web application are better secured and performing faster.