Speed matters

You are working with publishers and advertisers, leading numerous online and mobile campaigns at the same time and displaying thousands of ads every second on websites with global audience.

Your ads have to be displayed prior any content to generate more action from visitors: CPA, CPC and CPM are directly linked to your delivery performances.

You mostly display banners, which are small fast-loading objects demanding the fastest response time from your servers, but those tend to slow down for unknown reasons, decreasing the number of ads reaching their audience.

Speed up your delivery

Choose the best performing CDN

It is mostly ignored that, depending on the time of the day, a CDN response time can vary between 80ms and 800ms. We built a solution that dynamically selects the CDN with the fastest response time.

Enable load balancing

A variation of a few milliseconds in your servers response time directly impacts your revenues. Stay ahead of the curve by delivering your ads from the most efficient CDN at any time, with performance driven load balancing across our Multi CDN optimized network.

Enhance asset loading

Many advertisers do not implement gzip compression when delivering ads and forget to optimize the size of their images, though huge speed gain can be achieved without loosing any quality. Uncompressed ads are heavier and will take more time to load, thus generating less actions from end users.

Multi CDN Empowerment

Globally harmonized response time

A CDN response time varies according to the time of the day and the location of the end user. A standard CDN provider can not provide harmonized performances at all time of the day and across all countries.

Smart dynamic and automatic routing

To harmonize latency during campaigns with global reach, OptimiCDN unified multiple CDN into an All-in-One service by leveraging Real User Monitoring (RUM), one of the most accurate user-centric indicator of performance, and by dynamically switching between CDN to deliver your ads from the fastest CDN available. Learn more…