A key association for unbeatable performance

(Re)thinking CDN strategies to reach higher and more effective quality of service is the foundation of OptimiCDN service. By federating several of the best CDN providers, our multi CDN service can easily scale and reabsorb any size of traffic resulting  in user experience optimization.

Our global presence over the 5 continents, spread over 128 nodes, ensures the largest coverage and delivery anywhere, at anytime with the guarantee of service availability. In the event, our RUM engine detects a service disruption or alteration, our tailor-made configurations ensure that the content is automatically redirected to another CDN. The switch is instant and proceeded without entailing a loss in service performance nor decreasing end-user satisfaction.

An intelligent real-time routing technology: elasticity and harmonization for an unsurpassable and optimized global delivery

The implementation of a Multi CDN solution allows your content to be delivered in the fastest possible way. All kind of content can be accelerated such as texts, graphics, scripts, downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications, ensuring to reach your end-users at lightening speed.

Our Multi CDN offers an immediate access to a real-time overview of the Internet traffic. Our servers, strategically located at key locations around the world, are driven by our RUM engine which detects the optimal path to reach your end-users, with respect to the following factors:

Proximity to the end-user

The closer a CDN server is, the sooner the content will arrive to your end-users. This means that, wherever your potential customer is, our smart real-time routing engine will route the content from the closest path making sure the shortest way is used.

CDN availability

Traffic is dynamic and you surely go through low and high traffic peaks over time depending on your activity. To avoid suffering from these important traffic variations, all our Multi CDN solutions come with our RUM engine offering automatic switchover to the most available CDN at that precise moment, in an imperceptible manner to your users.

In order to deal with unexpected traffic spikes and support data deluge, we provide you with a scalable, elastic and smart bandwidth service which adapts instantly and automatically to your needs. In this manner, you can easily keep an eye on your bandwidth usage and other key statistics from our unified dashboard. With OptimiCDN, traffic interruption is not an option.

An infallible result: 100% availability, 100% reliability, 100% optimization

We ensure a 100% availability of our service for your content to be delivered under any circumstances. We can guarantee you with this level of availability as well as absorbing unexpected traffic peaks. Any CDN failures will trigger our RUM engine to instantly switch over the delivery of your content from a CDN to another.

Our service is one of the most reliable and performing on the market, trusted by businesses to handle low latency and deliver content all around the world. Thus, we optimize content delivery, procure high quality user experience and unbeatable website acceleration in any internet traffic conditions.