Professional Services

Our team of experts is fully committed to customer satisfaction when you sign up for OptimiCDN Professional Services. Our team has a strong expertise in high global traffic including the following verticals: Video Gaming, Apps, E-commerce, Ad Networks, Global Brands, OTT resulting in optimal service security and performances.

Expert Services

For customers who require on-demand or on-site consulting, OptimiCDN provides a wide range of Expert Services. Our Guru Engineering team will work on finding solutions to your current and future needs. We like challenges and our dedicated team will provide services such as security recommendations, front end optimizations, customer training and personalized advices.

Managed Service

At OptimiCDN, we believe that client satisfaction and training are key factors for successful partnerships. This is why we propose a Managed Service allowing your business to always be up to date with market evolutions. Our team of experts will accompany you and your teams to fine tune, update and optimize your service making sure you always benefit of the best possible services and configurations.

Service Integration

Our Standard Service Integration suits customers with basic configurations needs and requirements allowing fast and smooth setup. Our team works with you on every stage from trial to production making sure that your digital assets are optimised.

Our Bespoke Service Integration is available for customers with sophisticated and advanced setup requiring specific configurations and service activations. Our team reviews your overall needs and requirements in order to adapt tailor-made configuration based on your caching logic, your technology and the specificities of your business: type of content, size of traffic, type of traffic, popularity of the content…