Needs have evolved

For websites and web applications, a flawless navigation experience is key for customer satisfaction. Nowadays, the majority of Internet users expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds. Otherwise, most of them will leave.

Studies have shown the impact of navigation enhancement on web business KPIs. When reducing their page load time, websites and web applications reduce their bounce rate, increase their page views, their actions per pages, their return rates and, finally, their revenue.

What is Multi CDN?

Multi CDN stands for Multiple Content Delivery Network: our service provides websites and web applications optimized and enhanced network performances. OptimiCDN integrated multiple CDN into a simple and All-in-One service.

In order to be scalable, websites and applications need a Content Delivery Network to keep up with their traffic. But they rapidly need multiple providers because a single CDN can not provide and guarantee the same performances at any time and in every region.

Inside our unified network, routing decisions are based on Real User Monitoring (RUM), the most accurate and user-centric indicator of network performances, so that content is always delivered from the most performing CDN according to the requester’s location.

Tailor-made configuration

Our team reviews your overall needs and requirements in order to adapt tailor-made configuration based on your caching logic, your technology and the specificities of your business: type of content, size of traffic, type of traffic, popularity of the content, etc.

Once configured, you can rely on our service infrastructure to handle content delivery, speeding up your pages and helping you meet your user’s expectations.

All-in-One Service

Managing multiple CDN providers is complicated and time consuming when it comes to understanding the behaviours of each providers, monitoring simultaneously their service performances, dealing with different supports and getting the best of each CDN.

We created OptimiCDN as an All-in-One solution provider: all CDN partners are managed by us and we become your single point of contact for a simple and performing service. Our unified dashboard displays all the necessary metrics to monitor and improve your performances: Data transferred, Data per country, Real-time bandwidth, Top hits, Routing decisions, Purge…

Enhanced User Experience

The purpose of federating multiple CDN providers with our RUM engine is to offer a unique and high performing network which constantly bring your users the best user experience.

Inside our network, the behaviours of all CDN are harmonized in a simple and easy service including: caching & header logic, SSL encryption, bandwidth throttling, media optimization and more… End users never notice the real-time and automatic switch between CDN.

Our All-in-One multiple CDN service begins and ends with the end user: routing decisions are based on the last mile collected from real users data for them to get the fastest page load time.