Our Story

OptimiCDN is an English company founded in 2014 by three experts in: telecom, R&D and business development. We are dedicated to provide web performances to enhance user experience, as slow websites and non performing web applications are costing too much to businesses. The result of our collaboration is a direct access to a smart and dynamic All-in-One Multi CDN service making sure end users get an optimized user experience.

Our deep experience of the web whilst working with very high traffic volumes made us understood the real importance and need to create an efficient service but most importantly to make it simple and affordable.

We believe the future is full of opportunity, and this is why we are constantly looking for innovative and efficient solutions and services to make your business successful. OptimiCDN provides you with scalable, reliable, secured and performant tailor-made solutions to accompany your projects. We approach our clients individually, designing the most adapted solutions for each situation to foster growth and expansion.

We put a strong emphasis on the quality of our Multi CDN service in order to provide you with the best performances resulting in enhanced user experience. The long-term confidence that our clients have placed in us is an indefectible proof of our commitment, proficiency and complete dedication to serve your interests. Our leitmotiv: web performance and customer satisfaction.